97% Post Consumer Content. 100% Circular.

Chatpod is a Circular product, made of 97% post-consumer content and 100% recyclable. In the Swiss Alps, we manufacture Chatpod together with local handicap professionals. The up-cycled materials we use to build our pods such as cardboard, plastic bottles, sawdust, and recycled rubber can be recycled at the end of its life.

Chatpod offers soundproof isolation pods for calls and short meetings and room-in-room meeting facility systems. Strategically designed with ergonomics, simplicity, and sustainability in mind, Chatpod’s interior finishes are made of recycled plastic bottles, a highly compressed felt-like structure, more effective than conventional acoustic composites.

An optimal area of the hard surface made of a writable magnetic metal sheet that creates an ideal sound absorption and reverberation ratio for sound clarity. The recycled rubber ensures the minimum sound transfer from within and outside the pod. The body is made of recycled cardboard which is extremely pressure-resistant, rigid and dimensionally stable.

The frames are made of sawdust compressed through high pressure and heat without resin that gives the pod its rigid form and it makes it highly recyclable. Tinted acoustic glass provides more privacy to the user. The silent yet highly efficient ventilation system and the latest LED light technology are fully integrated and activated by a sensor.

The Chatpod is easily installed within 20 minutes or less.

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chatpod 185

Phone Pod

chatpod 240

Seated Focus Pod

chatpod® 350

Two-Seater Meeting Pod

chatpod® 700

Four-Seater Meeting Pod

chatpod 1050

Six-Seater Meeting Pod