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A Meaningful Holiday

Trying to stop the flow of plastic waste into the ocean is impossible with waste management and clean-ups alone – it’s like trying to empty a bathtub with a thimble while the taps are on full blast. Instead, we need to ask ourselves: how can we stop plastic waste being produced in the first place?

“We are not trying to be heroes. We are merely setting an example for tourist and locals, young and old that every step forward, no matter how big or small, is a step towards a better world.”

Our founders, on a holiday in Mykonos Island, have collected a 130 kg of ocean trash in one of the public beaches with the help of the local NGO

Rather than treating the symptoms of plastic waste and pollution, we need to address the cause and rethink the whole plastic system and what is being put on the market, focusing our innovation efforts, like never before, upstream.