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How Furniture Moves With The Times

Living and working behaviour is changing, that is certain. But how can the furniture world react to this? Interior decorator Megan Bühler has an answer to this with her new piece of furniture: the magic word is modularity.


How can furniture move with the times? The coming decade will see major changes in terms of living conditions. Flats will become smaller again, housing co-operatives and communities will become more and more popular and space will have to be used optimally. The world of work is also changing in many ways at the moment. Whether large corporations or SMEs – many companies have been dealing with questions about flexible workplaces for some time now. Nowadays there is no getting around talking about open-plan offices, coworking spaces and home offices.

The furniture world is also likely to change soon as a result of the upheavals in lifestyle. Interior decorator and upcoming product designer Megan Bühler from Interlaken has already recognised this. She is currently developing a new product with a view to the future. The new piece of furniture is a modular frame. It can be set up and extended in a variety of ways. “In this way you can it as a storage shelf, table, sideboard, seating or room divider,” says the young lady from Interlaken.

The frame consists of L-shaped and rectangular wooden elements that fit together like tetris. Within these elements are light and sound-absorbing storage boxes. The carpenter Bernhard Ammann created the wooden elements for the prototype. The boxes are provided by IMPACT ACOUSTIC® with the sustainable acoustic panel from ARCHISONIC®. Megan was immediately convinced by the material: “Fritz Steffen from Steffen Raumkonzepte told me that his colleague from IGN once worked with IMPACT ACOUSTIC® and was enthusiastic about their material. He recommended it and it did not disappoint at all”.

Megan has been tinkering with this future-oriented and inexpensive piece of furniture for over a year. She has been working on the prototype for about three months. We at IMPACT ACOUSTIC® are watching Megan’s innovative project with interest and support her commitment with our product as well as with our know-how. Good luck, Megan!

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