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The “Soundwave Surfer” joins the team!

Hello, my name is Daniel Verlooven, Global Acoustic Ambassador.

What first sparked your interest in sound?

I am the son of a famous songwriter and producer. I got my first drum kit when I was six years old. I explored all the possibilities and varieties in sound coming from various sized drums but with the same skin on it. It is for sure that subconsciously this has been the foundation for my love for frequencies and sound pressure levels.

Tell us about your career.

I started my career in the furniture industry and was always fascinated by that environment. I witnessed the different evolutions in office layouts, from individual desking to open spaces. Back then, no acoustic treatments where found. It was all about being productive and turning shifts.

What was your first experience with professional acoustic solutions?

About 9 years ago, I joined the company BuzziSpace, an early pioneer in turning recycled PET into different acoustic applications. I started reading about the science of sound and met a sound engineer who introduced me into the magical world of air cavities, standing waves, quarter wavelengths, RT60… I built an app for onsite noise measuring and created a simulation sheet to allow salespeople, architects and interior designers to make their own room assessments.

What came next?

I got myself the title of Global Acoustic Ambassador and started travelling the world and sharing my knowledge. Since that, I have a mission on convincing my audience to see acoustics is essential to create a well-balanced work environment. I see myself as a soundwave surfer, always aiming to keep my board in a perfect balance between low and high frequencies.

What is your motivation to join the rebels of the industry?

Together with the founders Sven and Jeffrey, I feel we can make a difference. We are rebels with a cause: Creating work environments, where people like to return to with a smile. Sharing our commitment and care for our planet makes us rebels. In an industry, where most manufacturers make PET products from newly produced plastic, IMPACT ACOUSTIC shows its engagement for a better and sustainable environment. The Trash Hero membership and the contribution of collecting plastic by themselves speak louder than words.

Which values do you have in common with the company?

It is my search and passion for new technologies; it is the only thing that leads us to a game-changing parametric design with unparalleled possibilities and no boundaries at all.

You have strong ties to the corporate fit-out industry, competence in acoustics or design, or you are simply hard-working and want to make a difference and seek for purpose? Do it like Daniel and join our team!